Through careful and conscientious attention to the topics of our clients, we develop extraordinary concepts and solutions across a wide range of media. 

Bureauborneo is the office of Christoph Budde, a graphic designer and illustrator with more than ten years of experience. Christoph graduated in 2010 with a Diploma in Communication Design from the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. He has since built up a career realizing a diverse range of projects, from conceptualization to implementation, for media broadcasters, institutes, nonprofits and private companies. This includes, notably, Fairtrade Germany and UNICEF, as well as media productions for German media outlets such as WDR, SWR and 3Sat. His work has been widely recognized by the Art Directors Club of Germany as well as through international prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award. He has been featured in important trade publications in Germany, such as Horizont Magazin, Slanted Magazin, Freistil 6, Freistil 7, as well as Sushie13.

Since 2014 Bureauborneo advises and guides law firms on their public representation. In this we confidently develop new ideas and deliver results that go above and beyond the industry standard. We know that Associates and Business Professionals on the job market will be aggressively courted, which is why we develop better defined and more attractive proposals that build on the character and distinctiveness of your firm.


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C/O Atelierhaus van Dorp
Bonner Talweg 215
53129 Bonn, Germany


Visual Culture
Research, Analysis
Design & Branding
Corporate Design
Editorial Design

Brand Strategy
Brand Culture
Recruitment Strategy
Corporate Websites

Logos, Keyvisuals
Naming & Claims


ADC Nagel Bronze
Red Dot Award
Red Dot Junior Award


Publications, Participation
Freistil 7, 2021
Novum, 2/2018
Freistil 6, 2017
Frohmagazin 8, 2012
Frohmagazin 7, 2012
WDR, 2012
International Yearbook of
Communication Design 2011/2012
3sat, 2011, 2012
International Yearbook of
Communication Design 2010/2011
Sushie13, 2011
SWR, 2010
Slanted Magazin, 2008

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